Monday, December 29, 2008

New Blogojevich Scam Senatorial Candidate

Don, the Electrician, Newest Blagojevich Senatorial Scam Candidate
You heard president-elect Obama speak with Joe, the Plumber, and Joe providing Obama with an ear full, but you've never met Don, the electrician, Joe's half -brother. Well, we've met him and interviewed him on his perspective on the Economy, and other issues, and below are some reasons why he may be a candidate.

First, he indicated to us..His Personal Household Budget Is Balanced..Imagine That. His Mortgage is paid up to date. His credit card debt is nill. He doesn't borrow money to fund minor purchases, or his wants. He said he lives within his means. Yes, he indicated he at one time for a number of years rented, because he was not financial stable enough to take on a Mortgage. He also indicate since he doen't have the ability to borrow money at will and burden his children with the debt, he actually has had to cut his expense budget at times. He indicated also, de doesn't have the ability to print money whenever he desires.

He indicates he does borrow money to fund projects, associated with his Business. But he said he never borrows to meet his payroll obligations, contrary to what many so-called Businessmen in Detroit seem to promote. He said he has never been in a position where he had to beg for money. He said his banker won't even consider this approach. For some reason, his banker requires a viable Business Plan, and many times the loan Colaterized.

Don indicates he has made many mistakes, but has never had the luxury of someone continuing to provide him assistance to constantly enabe the actions which were associated with the mistakes.

Don indicates his personal retirement account has lost much of it's value, as have we all in this current economic crisis, but has indicated, all is not lost, and no need for anyone to Bail him out. Don indicates he will continue to seek opportunities.

Oh, and by the way, he has opinions on the Iraq War, Health Care, Bail-Outs, Family, Freedom, Abortion, Mariage , Our Monetary System, and even God.

And so we don't entirely get the wrong impression of Joe, he has given away thousands of dollars to those in need. He did say, he funds those programs who teach a person how to fish, rather than catch the fish for them. He indicated he has provided help to his immediate family, and his extended family as well when needed. He said he taught his children -- Personal Responsibility.

He also indicated he has joined the Sheepl Movement for more information

He says the routinely relies on his own "Your Decision Maker" Tool to help him with his decisions. Don says.."it's Amazing"

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