Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Possible Candidate In Senatorial Scam

Terrell Owens, Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver. There are number of excellent reason as to why Governor Blagojevich would have been considering him for the Illinois Senatorial seat. Here are just a few..

Terrell can bring more cosy, fussy feeling to the Press Conferences on Capital Hill. After all his crying antics are short of remarkable in his attempt to obtain approval for his cause, or situation he addresses. (imagine public approval improvement)

He seems to be an expert when it comes to writing instruments. Remember the sharpie incidents in the end zone during his games when he autographed the footballs with these writing instruments. Can you imagine the various designs of pens he could use in his new post? Why he would be able to sign new legislation into law with a different scenario each time. His writing skills probably would marvel those of Ernest Hemingway's (sorry Ernest).

It's to bad he won't possibly be taking office until after the first of the year. Since his middle name is"Eldorado", imagine the insight he has into the Automomibe Bail-out legislation? (However, they will be back, he still has an opportunity) .

He aparently has the ability to sniff out wrong doing as evidenced by..his recently accusing Tony Romo of secretly plotting to have all pass plays go through Jason Witten since the two are roommates and good friends. (Open the Kennedy files)

His spitting abilities are legendary. Remember his spitting on DeAngelo Hall during a game? Maybe introduce a new procedure in Congress were they he could spit on legislation he and his party doesn't support. (maybe a way to revive the chewing tobacco, and snuff industry).

In summary, many of his inovative antics certainly could be utilized on capital hill, since they seem to have only the ability to react, rather than being innovative.

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