Monday, December 22, 2008

Rush Limbaugh, newest candidate in Illinois Senate Scam

Rush Limbaugh, newest candidate.

Another possible candidate possibly being considered in the Illinois Senatorial Scam.

Yes, Rush Limbaugh. Some of his past experiences provides him with excellent credentials. Rush would represent the Disabled well, sine he has severe hearing loss himself. New Lexislation enacted would be significantly easier because of Rush's high profile name. More Republicans would be more apt in supporting this type of legislation, thus approving their image of the party who doesn't care for the less unfortunate segment of society.

He too, could be an excellent "poster child" for new Drug Rehabilitation Programs at the Federal level. Because of his past history of dependency on pain killers, he could very well be the new "Anti-Drug Czar".

With him spear-heading these two areas the Republicans could paint themselves as being the softer, more gentler party. A party who represents the people, not big Corporations. Who knows, a new party..The Rusatonians.

He too, could be an excellent candidate for the new "Fat Czar", since he has successfully lost a considerable amount of weight since he has come onto the national scene. You ask why "Fat Czar"? Well , with New York State just recently enacting a 18% tax on non diet sodas, it's evident, we fat people are the newest target for additional revenue, at both the federal and state level. "Fat Tax". ( You better not have a chronic thyroid problem)

With his well known personna as a "cigar aficionado", and since the finest cigars come from Cuba, he would be perfect as a our liason to Cuba, and Castro, in developing a new diplomatic strategy toward this regime.

Rush has labeled himself as a conservative, but many of his actions have spoken volumes as a "Democrat in Republican clothing". After all, aren't many of his actions which he has demonstrated more prevelent amongst liberals, and Democrats? He constantly indicates actions speak louder than words.

Who knows, maybe Rushatonians, the new third party movement.

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