Saturday, December 13, 2008

Decision Maker and Current Events

The Your Decision Maker is now reporting on current events from around the world. In it's ifinite wisdom it is now weighing in on events and providing insightful insight into world events.

This post deals with the Governor Blagojevich and the United States Senatorial Seat he has been accussed of trying to sell. The Decision Maker has been able to determine the individuals who have been involved in this senario. Here's more..

Illinois Governor Blagojevich aka (BlagoCapone )
Only One Million?

December 11, 2008 9:45pm

What's wrong with Governor Blogojevich? I'm disappointed. Only 1 Million?
The five individuals identified as being considered for the Senatorial seat were capable of forking out significantly more.

The Decision Maker is determining the 4 Individuals besides Jesse Jackson, Jr. however, at this point has been narrowed down to:

1.Previous Governor George Ryan
2.Bart Simpson
3.Sammy Sosa
4.Rush Limbaugh
5.Hugh Hefner
6.Britney Spears
7.Don (The Electrician) Joe The Plumbers Step-Brother
8.Plexico Burriss aka Harris Smith
9.Jay Leno
10. Al Gore

Since the Decision Maker is in the process of determining for certain the individuals, do any of you with your infinite wisdom have any additional individuals.

Should you have any, share with us the names and why, and we will ask the Decision Maker.

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