Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who's That New Purple People Eater..Brett Favre

Why It's Brett Favre, or could it be Brett Favor, as the NFL Commissioner
called him on draft day 100 years ago. Maybe it's Brett "I've Retired" Favre,
Brett "I Hate Practice" Favre, or maybe it's really George Blanda!

George Blanda? Well, rumor is , this "masked man" is going to be
kicking extra points for the Vikings, not throwing Touchdown passes.

The Your Decision Maker has some predictions..

1. The Metrodome astro turf is to be retired after the season.

2. Fran Tarkenton's Minnesota passing records are safe, but not Fred Cox's!

3. You will within weeks see Ocho Cinco's Tweet on Twitter read..
Where's My Brett Favre playmate..Terry Brasdshaw!

4. Rumor is also a three way trade..Terrell Owens now headed for the Twin cities
for Brett's old throwing arm, the arm to the Cleveland Browns (for Brady Quinn)
and Buffalo receiving Braylon Edwards, his supply of stickum included.

5. Green Bay now Considering "a Stealth Defense" against Favre..the invisible
pass rush, just let him throw, we'll get 3-4 Picks.

6. The NFL considering a new supplemental draft for next year, A One Round draft
for all teams.. Old Quarterbacks for Free, Pick Any teams old Quarterback..
No compensation required. John Elway, however cannot go to Indianapolis.

7. The Oakland Raiders, and Al Davis, considering signing the NFL's All Century
Offensive team.

8. And lastly, for now at least Pittsburgh Steelers expanding trophy case for
their Seventh Lombordi Trophy.

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