Sunday, June 3, 2007

It's Astounding, Infinite Wisdom Now Available

It's simply nothing short of amazing the infinite wisdom which I possess. My wisdom will astound you, so, proceed with confidence and experience for yourself. The source of my wisdom is very mysterious, but reliable. Businessmen are calling upon me for their complex daily decision making responsibilities. Just as impressed are the young and old alike who too are incorporating my advice in their decision making choices. All, have become mystified by my wisdom..... go ahead spin my wheel, ask me a question, or leave me a comment. I'll even answer in printed form if you like.


Anonymous said...

Great blog

Anonymous said...

I visited your website and was amazed at the price of the decision maker. I am ordering 10 of them. these will make great gifts for my friends and my mom! Look forward in seeing on in person.
Crazy Man

Gary said...

I have the Decision Maker and asked it if I should play the lottery. It said " Go for it" so I wagered five bucks on the mega millions and guess what? NO Winner!
Oh well, maybe it meant tonight. Yea, that's it!